Brey Ratley

Druid brat of the group


HP: 33 (bloodied: 16)

AC: 18
Fort: 17
Ref: 13
Will: 16

Str: 11 (chk 1)
Con: 16 (chk 4)
Dex: 12 (chk 2)
Int: 11 (chk 1)
wis: 18 (chk 5)
Cha: 8 (chk 0)

Race: Human
Age: 14
Class: Druid Sentinel
Hair: brown, long, curly
Skin: fair, freckled
eyes: blue
height: 5’1"
weight: 120
Alignment: good
Deity: Melora


Brey grew up as a shepherdess. Her time alone and immersion in nature brought her around to accidentally discovering natural magic. She would have liked to go and study real druid things, but she had her sheep and her family and there were plenty of natural-balancing things to do around her home, and she was busy and content.

She never realized how small her world was until she shared her campfire with a Drow. Since hearing of the exotic dangers and excitements of the Underdark, Brey has felt a yearning to go adventuring and see more of this world she’s lived in.

. …being branded with a curse and tossed into danger was not exactly what she had in mind. She is learning to enjoy it, though, curse aside. She frequently thinks about her home.

Some personality quirks of note:

Brey only has a father and five brothers, so she hasn’t had a lot of female influence in her life and prefers male company. Girly things make her feel awkward, not because she doesn’t have an interest in such things, but just because she doesn’t know how to express it or anything. She sees girls out in the village shopping for pretty things with their sisters and she secretly wishes for that experience.

Natural magic is not the only side effect of being isolated out in nature. Spending so much time alone has blurred thoughts and speech for Brey, so there isn’t much of a filter. She’ll say things she shouldn’t and not say things she should be sharing. This makes her a little difficult to talk with.

Brey feels like she needs to earn equality. Being the shortest in the group, and the only human, and the youngest, and the least experienced, Brey has a bit of a Napolean/inferiority complex and may annoy others in the group to prove she’s tough, or throw herself into dangerous fights and stupid situations.

Btw….she’s heard the nickname “Bratley” before. Haha. So creative. Much clever. Amaze. (She’s not impressed)

Brey Ratley

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