Yahtzee Pilgrim Fun Time

Day 1 of Campaign

Where everyone learned each other's names and we screwed up

After being imprisoned for several months for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, Armos Kamroth, a minor Lord, decided he needs our services and bought our freedom. He then marked us with a killing curse and sent us on our merry way to the Onyx Gate to retrieve the Sphere of Ioun. Needless to say, none of us were very pleased.
Upon our arrival to the area of Harkenwold, we encountered some bandits and killed them, rescuing a farm house and getting information about a rebellion by the people of Harkenwold against the Iron Circle, a nasty group of bandits. On our way to the village, we met Reithann the Druid who warned us against the Onyx Gate and promised information if we defeated the monsters terrorizing the village. We sought another course of action and made our way to the village.
In the village loot was sold, a magic bag was found, and we gained information from Dar Gremath, the rebel leader, about a safer way to help the rebellion. We took up lodging in the the inn but were rudely awoken by a swarm of rats looting the village. We followed them down into the sewers and found ourselves in a surprising cavern. A magic door, sealing something in was discussed, and when a way through was found – thanks to Aislinn and Brey – we opened the door and found ourselves in the presence of an ancient creature, caged there for the protection of the good.
It was only thanks to Adronis and his hilarious drunkenness that we survived.



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